What to Expect from Autogenic Training? Benefits of Autogenic training.

Autogenic training is a relaxation method, which elicits a relaxation response and enables deep relaxation. Today everyone is more or less under excess stress and we unconsciously adapt to these consistent stress levels that can last for several hours. Unfortunately, we usually don't recognize the problem until our health has already been jeopardized. Here are examples of where you can get benefits from autogenic training.


Stress Autogenic TrainingPracticing autogenic training breaks this stress abundance and allows us to take a big breath and slow down and look at everyday issues from a different, relaxed perspective. At the beginning of the course the stress levels return to a baseline quickly, but after several months of practice, we gradually become more resistant to stress.

Autogenic training is a powerful technique and often significantly helps to mitigate stress-related problems. It is impossible to predict what the result of autogenic training will be because everyone is different, has unique problems, and their own personality and genes. Nevertheless, autogenic training reduces stress and consequently brings positive results to our well-being. It also often allows us to enjoy the moment, the present.

Anxiety disorders

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you can expect positive changes, which are evident when you lower your stress levels. Here you must be patient and persistent with practice and also realize that some anxiety disorders are not only caused by chronic stress. Some can also have a genetic or traumatic cause (OCD, PTSD). However, since stress worsens every anxiety disorder, you can expect positive improvements in this regard along with all the benefits of a relaxed state. It is not rare that anxiety as a state is diminished altogether by practicing autogenic training.


Insomnia is a common health issue and more than every second American reports some problems involving insomnia several times a week. If a criterion for daytime impairment because of poor sleep is added, this percentage falls to 10 percent. Autogenic training is a very effective tool to help alleviate insomnia, but success also depends on the cause of the sleeping problems. Nevertheless, most clients who are undergoing a course or people using autogenic training report better and longer sleep, and have no problems falling asleep. When stress is the cause of insomnia, autogenic training can significantly help in dealing with insomnia.


Depression Autogenic TrainingThere are several types of depression, causes of depression, and levels of severity. Research has shown that relaxation can help mild to moderate depression, but here the cause of depression is not taken into account. With severe cases of depression, autogenic training is not expected to result in improvements. However, relaxation can be a great support to medication after the symptoms begin to improve. Since depression is worsened under stress a patient can benefit from relaxation even if he or she is already on medication (this goes for unipolar depression but not bipolar depression). It is important that a patient with depression who is undergoing any relaxation method is also supervised by a psychiatrist.


Autogenic training can help migraines and tension headaches. In research conducted by Spinhoven et al. patients with tension headaches reduced their headache activity and level of psychological distress significantly compared to those not practicing autogenic training. The positive effects that relaxation has on tension headaches vary from person to person, but where stress is the cause of headaches, relaxation can successfully help.

The evidence supporting the use of relaxation in treating migraines is old but well-established. Autogenic training can help treat migraines by reducing both their severity and occurrence. The cause of migraines is again where the solution lies - if stress is the cause of a migraine, autogenic training can help.

Hypertension, restless leg syndrome, immune system, colitis, etc.

Autogenic training works where medical conditions are worsened by stress. This means autogenic training can be of use for many medical issues. Lowering stress has a pleasant effect on our wellbeing and often people appreciate this feeling the most. Autogenic training is no magic cure, but it is a great stress reducer and often this is all we need.