Autogenic Training Online Course Offers:

  • 9 live individual consecutive zoom sessions (45min-1,5h)
  • 1 follow up session
  • 1 interview session
  • free phone calls if problems arise
  • access to revival courses
  • lifetime support

How does the course start?

  1. If you are interested in AT course, send me an e-mail about your situation. Write me about your problems and current health. We will set the date and time of our first phone call. Here we will see if autogenic training is a suitable solution for your current situation. We will also clear any concerns and special circumstances.
  2. After initial talks, you can enroll in the course and I send you a questionnaire and we set a date for the Zoom interview. After the interview, we set your weekly Zoom term. If it has to be flexible we discuss that at the interview.
  3. The 9 consecutive sessions start. If one of us cannot make it every week (illness, business duties, holidays, unexpected events, etc.), we adjust your sessions accordingly.
  4. After the 9th session, we have two months break where you practice on your own. We set a date for your last session.


Pricing plan (60-80€)  

  • Pay as you go is 80 € / session: 10 sessions, you can stop any time, but cannot change the pricing plan.
  • 60 € / session: the course consists of 10 sessions, you pay after each session, if you stop autogenic training for proved medical reasons or special life circumstances, you stop paying. If you stop the course for not practicing or lack of motivation you pay every week till the end of the course (never more than 600 €) Comment: This choice is by my experiences very good for motivation and overall success rate your course outcome.
  • Group course (not available yet)

You can always e-mail me over any concerns or questions about AT and its practice. I reply ASAP.