Autogenic Training Exercises

Autogenic training consists of 6 standard autogenic training exercises.

These exercises focus on:

  • Heaviness in the limbs
  • Warmth in the limbs
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration
  • Abdominal warmth
  • Coolness of the forehead

The course though is taught in 9 exercises, where you gradually learn to focus on these body suggestions, and the whole exercise is written down at the end.

Exercise 1 - Short stitch

autogenic-training-exercises-short-sticthIn the first exercise you get familiarized with autogenic training, the postures in which we practice your training, body scan, and close (an end of an exercise). You also learn an exercise called short stitch. Short stitch is a 3 minute exercise, where you focus on your dominant arm. In this exercise you dive into an autogenic state for a short time and come out of it with a close (short, because it is short and stitch, because you dive in and come out of autogenic state for several times).
"My right/left arm is heavy"

Exercise 2 - Heaviness 1

In this session you get familiarized with the form of autogenic training exercises, which consist of three sequences and a close at the end. In this exercise you focus on a suggestion of heaviness in the limbs. First you focus on your arms and then afterwards on your legs. The exercise of autogenic training at this stage last about 8-12 minutes and some may already begin to feel the first benefits of relaxation.

Exercise 3 - Heaviness 2

This exercise focuses on relieving tension in your neck and shoulders. A suggestion of heaviness in our neck and shoulders relaxes us from the tense feelings in this area, which we gather when we are under stress. Here we also add the affirmation "I am at peace" to sum up the whole autogenic training exercise.

Exercise 4 - Warmth in the limbs

By this time you are familiarized with heaviness and it is time to practice warmth in the limbs, which relaxes you even further. Again warmth in the arms is first and after three days you add warmth in your legs. This is the longest exercise and many clients start to notice they are more relaxed than at the beginning of the course. The story begins.

Exercise 5 - Cardiac exercise

autogenic-training-exercises-heartbeatThe previous exercise is the longest and the warmth and heaviness now join together, since you have mastered them by now. The suggestion of a calm heartbeat is another phrase where you get additional relaxation by just focusing on your heart. People here often notice they sleep better and feel refreshed after a session of autogenic training.

Exercise 6 - Respiration

The old phrase until this stage focused on "calm and regular heartbeat". The aim of the new phrase is to leave breathing as it is, because we do not want to control it. So instead of "My breathing is calm and regular." we use a phrase, which implies passivity: "It breathes me."

Exercise 7 - Abdominal warmth

Another sign of relaxation is blood flowing into the abdominal area so we can "rest and digest". Here we suggest warmth in the solar plexus, which brings even deeper relaxation. The feelings of warmth in the abdomen are a consequence of relaxation, which Schultz observed in patients using hypnosis and successfully transformed into autogenic training exercises.

Exercise 8 - Cool forehead

autogenic-training-exercises-forhead-coolThe last of the standard exercises of autogenic training is a suggestion of coolness in the forehead. Having a cool forehead is thought to be relaxing. This is the final stage of the 6 core autogenic training exercises. The next is a personalized formula.

Exercise 9 - Personal formula

This is the most exciting part of your course, not only because you will be practicing on your own for 3 months, but because you get your personalized formula (affirmation) with which you can make changes in your behavior, get rid of bad habits, or further decrease anxiety if any remains. Using the affirmation during an autogenic state is similar to hypnosis, where you are in a post-hypnotic state and open to changes on a subconscious level.

In the end, the autogenic training exercises look like this:


  • "My right/left arm is heavy."
  • "My arms and legs are heavy and warm."
  • "My heartbeat is calm and regular."
  • "It breathes me."
  • "My solar plexus is warm."
  • "My forehead is cool."
  • "My neck and shoulders are heavy."
  • "I am at peace"

*Personal formula*

For these autogenic training exercises to work properly you need nine weeks for your mind to process them one at a time. It is almost impossible to go through the whole exercise at the beginning, because your mind does not know what it must do with all of the commands. Now it's time to find an autogenic training course and master your autogenic training exercises in just 9 weeks.