Which Course to Take? Individual or a Group Course?

Autogenic training can be learned in a group or an individual course. An individual course is usually more expensive but is more personal, and if you feel the group would cause unnecessary anxiety it is the best choice. The group setting may at first seem as if you will not get enough attention, but the fact is it holds several advantages.

Group training

Group Session Group training is more dynamic, since there are many clients and each has unique problems and questions, which are discussed during the course. The questions are more diverse and answers give wider perspective for everyone in the course. A group also has a motivational effect, because clients see other's progress, how they find time to practice, and also recognize the positive effects that autogenic training has on them. All this strengthens the trust in autogenic training and keeps the whole group going.

Individual therapy

On the other hand a group can have some disadvantages. You may have many questions, issues and concerns, which you do not feel like sharing with others, in which case an individual course would be better. In addition an individual session allows a therapist a more detailed view on your progress and problems, and this attention can have a positive effect on the autogenic process. Also an autogenic journal can be read through in more detail during an individual course, and therefore a therapist is more aware of your needs and can advise you better. Moreover at the end of the course you get a personal formula, which is tailored exactly to your needs, which unfortunately is often not the case in groups.

Don't worry if you can't decide whether to try a group or an individual class. The most important step is to take an autogenic training course. The fact you are reading this page means you think you will benefit from the course. In fact everyone who has stress in their lives needs relaxation and will benefit from autogenic training in one way or another.